I went to the skin center a few months back with my older sister, we had both signed up a for a chemical peel – mine was to help deal with my terrible cystic acne, and my sisters was more for just support, plus who couldn’t use a peel! We were actually blown away by our results, both of us! My acne issues looked better right off the bat, and only improved steadily over the next few weeks and it was amazing to see. My skin was shiny and glowing for the first time in years and my sister’s skin never looked better. It was super bright and vibrant! We recently went back and had even better results, while some practices might really be hit or miss, Skin Center really knows what they’re doing.
Alice D.
I have been suffering from terrible acne since my early teens and while it would come and go, it seemed like it would just worsen as I got older. This past year I have never seen it as bad, and while I had gotten treatment in my earlier years, being busy with school the past few years I just really ignored it. I was finally recommended to Skin Center by a friend and I am so glad I did, they offer everything and they have such a lovely facility. Everyone was so nice and it seemed like from the moment I sat down, they knew exactly what I needed to get my skin clear – I barely had to say a word! Besides that the staff was really nice and helped me so much, I can already see a difference and I have a really great feeling for the future
Hannah B.
The Skin Center is one of the my favorite aesthetic clinics I’ve ever been to! I am a huge fan of a lot of the treatments they offer and have probably had most of them done at least once. They aren’t your average medical spa either, they are really good at what they do and I can safely say the staff there is made up of skincare experts who are all really down to earth and friendly as well! I have already recommended them to a number of friends and family members who have complimented me on my skin in the past! Highly recommended!
Yvette F.
Having really bad acne during my teenage years, I was left with some very prominent acne scarring around me mid-cheek area and finally decided to do something about it after my first consultation at Skin Center NY. They recommended I try to VI peel to start off and after doing some research on my own I agreed. Its been nearly a two months after my peel and my skin looks 10-times better than it previously had! My acne scars are way less visible and I have a follow up next week to discuss further treatment. These guys are really knowledgeable about skincare and approach things in a really smart medical manner.
Daniel F.
My skincare routine has been completely out of wack for the past few months, and I naturally have really oily skin, that’s really prone to breakouts. Luckily, with the help of the team at the Skin Center, I was able to try a deep pore cleansing treatment recently that cleared my face of a number of unwanted blackheads and whiteheads! I can’t believe how great my skin is starting to look and its only been a few days!
Gina S.
I tried the Sculptural Face Lifting treatment at the skin center, and I am pleasantly surprised! After reading articles in different magazines recently, I was not sure of what to really think, a facial massage that would help with my skincare issues and improve my complexion overall? I was skeptical, but I heard good things and tried it out. The Skin Center staff explained the procedure to me much better and it made a ton of sense. Immediately afterwards, I must say I just felt better overall – much looser and I was even breathing better! But over the days and weeks that followed, I noticed certain issues I had with dry skin disappeared, my lips were no longer chapped, and my skin was softer and smoother overall. Its definitely a must try for anyone with any type of skincare issues.
Laura W.
I had never heard of the carbon laser peel before but after my consultation at Skincenter they recommended I try it. I had suffered from really bad dry, flaking skin and my complexion was just dull overall. They mentioned this would be one of the best options for exfoliation. My skin was left cleaner and smoother, a bit tender but they said that would pass soon after. Within a few days my skin felt like it was reborn! It looked brighter and vibrant and felt softer, any side effects were gone almost immediately the next day and I really couldn’t believe it!
Yara H.
Skin Center really saved my skin! You name it, I went through it with my skin – acne breakouts, dry skin, and I’ve even started to develop some wrinkles on my forehead. Probably a product of my terrible skincare routine since college, but Skin Center has worked me to correct everything one by one. We started with their Hydraworks facial exfoliation treatment that really worked great. My skin was hydrated and my acne was almost completely gone after treatment. They truly care too, it wasn’t just about the treatments they offered me but they gave me an entire skincare routine as well. From different creams and facial ointments and toners that really made a difference. Plus their prices are really reasonable too. It’s like a dreamland for your skin!
Roxy K.




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