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HydraFacial removes dead skin cells and painlessly extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating, and anti-aging serums. HydraFacial is for all skin types with no down time or irritation that has immediate and noticeable results.

The Hydraworks device performs treatments including

These procedures allow us to alleviate a variety of different facial skincare symptoms, including wrinkles, fine lines, facial folds, the appearance of skin discolorations and much more! The main method of action for these types of procedures is generally one in which we exfoliate the skin, and remove the outer layers of dead, dull skin – while taking any impurities and blemishes along with it!


This gentle procedures, allows us to improve the look and feel of our skin, while simultaneously providing added hydration and moisture. Suitable for all skin types, this procedure allows us to treat a variety of skin issues including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, assorted blemishes, dry skin, and large, congested pores. One of the best aspects of any hydrodermabrasion procedure is that it provides such a high level of exfoliation, that it helps to improve circulation & drainage – allowing us to remove a variety of skin discolorations and spots, including sun or age spots, freckles, sunburn, chloasma, acne scars and much more.


One of the more popular skincare treatments around, microdermabrasion is a superior form of manual exfoliation. This treatment allows patients to rejuvenate their skin on both the face and body. In fact, its so effective, many patients can see a huge difference in their skin after only their first treatment.
Designed to improve the overall appearance and quality of the skin, microdermabrasion exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, in order to treat a variety of skin conditions – showing notable improvements to rough textured skin, discolorations from over-exposure to the sun, stretch marks, acne, and other blemishes.

Oxygen Infusion

The Hydraworks Oxygen Infusion technology allows patients to completely transform and rejuvenate their skin, using the power of hyperbaric oxygen in order to infuse serums into the skin. The oxygen concentrators within the device, work to create a pressure-sustained barrier along the surface of the skin, allowing for cellular turnover and the absorption of added serums, creams, and skincare botanicals. This procedure provides the skin with much-needed oxygenation therapy, and leaves patients with tight, glowing, youthful looking skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Similar to conventional microdermabrasion or manual exfoliation, diamond microdermabrasion is a revolutionary method of completely rejuvenating your skin and alleviating the presence of unwanted blemishes, spots, wrinkles, discolorations, superficial scars, and much more! The procedure utilizes a diamond-tipped wand, to gently remove the skin’s outer layers of dull, dead skin – stimulating the process of cellular turnover and allowing fresh, new, youthful skin to take its place! The process not only removes the dead skin cells, but suctions them off, and helps to boost blood circulation and overall tissue regeneration. This means that while you might see immediate results, they will only improve as the days move ahead!

Benefits of the Hydroworks Facials

Treats Fine Lines
Removes Dead Skin
Stimulates Collagen
Removes Blackheads
Treats Sun Damaged

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Our Clients Say

Amazing facial! This is by far the BEST facial treatment in all of NYC. The staff was personable and customized the skin care routine to my skin type. There was a “little bit of everything” from hydration, extractions, cleansing to even the hydaworks machine. I was so relaxed and afterwards my face was glowing. I think I found my forever home for all of my skin care needs. PS -Ask for Cornelia she is so sweet and works her magic!

Review 1

Cornelia was great! Very relaxing facial. There is only one treatment room, so you wait outside before your appointment. The room felt clean, peaceful, and private. She asked me what I wanted out of the facial, walked me through what she was going to do, and then let me enjoy and relax in quiet during the facial. At the end of the treatment she gave me some tips for my skin and said she would be happy to recommend some products they sell, but was not pushy at all about selling things to me, which is always appreciated!

Review 2

Cornelia is Amazing! She is very thorough with her extractions and I appreciate customization based on my skin type and concerns that I had with acne. So far I see big difference! My skin is Glowing!!! Definitely booking again with Acne Treatment Center! You guys are amazing

Review 3

I have been coming to Acne Treatment Center for over 4 years! Well Cornelia saved my skin from acne, i was extremely insecure about my dark spots. But with constant visits and the care of her my dark spots have lightened tremendously. Cornelia is so patient and listens to all the problems i had and treated it accordingly. Lastly, the price point!!! They are extremely affordable especially being located in the city. I love this place, affordable, relaxing and extremely caring. What more could i ask for !!! Thank you for everything

Review 4

My whole life I been struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation. I went to doctors and dermatologists and no one has been able to transform my skin in the way that the Acne Treatment Center has been able to help me. You have to have discipline and really follow the advice of the esthetician’s to see an amazing difference and difference in my skin.

Review 5


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