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NYC’s Most Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Acne Program!

As the city’s foremost skincare specialists, the team at the Skin Center NY is dedicated to providing clients with a one-of-a-kind, high-level acne treatment experience! While you might think acne is only a problem for young adults in their teens, however, acne issues are common no matter how old you are! Recent studies even indicate that nearly 50% of all the world’s adults suffer from some form of acne – whether it be mild blackheads and whiteheads, or more severe, cystic acne and acne scars.

In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for acne treatment, the team at Skin Center is proud to introduce their revolutionary new, comprehensive acne treatment program. This innovative new program will help patients suffering from all manner of acne issues, through a careful and well-thought-out, step-by-step process. in the most basic of terms, the acne program will work like this:

Skincare Analysis

Patients will begin with a full-spectrum acne consultation, in which the skincare experts at the Skin Center will perform a careful and thorough examination of the patient’s skin – on both the face and body!

  • The consultation will also offer the patient an opportunity to discuss certain specifics of their acne issues with our staff. Patients will outline any specific times in which breakouts occur, details of their breakouts – look, feel, accompanying symptoms, and much more!


The skincare experts at the Skin Center have seen and dealt with it all! With their years of experience and comprehensive knowledge, they will be able to determine the type of acne issues you are suffering from, as well as the severity of those issues.


Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your skin, the better! The team at the Skin Center will educate you on your specific acne issues, and how they may have developed based on the specifics of your skin. in addition, they will explain how to not only treat your skin, but to prevent future breakouts from forming as well!


One of the most valuable aspects of our acne program is the information. You will learn about key acne triggers, and how they act specifically on your particular skin type! This includes things like foods, makeup & cosmetics, face & body products, medications, and more.


After acquiring a detailed knowledge base, you will now be armed with all the tools to truly take care of your skin and prevent unwanted breakouts in the future. The only thing left is to discuss the particular products and procedures that will help treat your acne and provide you with the clean, clear skin you’ve always wanted!

Once we go through what it takes to treat your skin, the real fun begins! If you choose to undergo treatment, we will provide you with a fully customized combination of products and procedures, that is 100% engineered to treating YOUR SKIN!

Now treatment isn’t as straightforward as you might think, there are many factors that go into finding the right treatment for you. Our customized treatment protocols include:

  • Identifying your skin’s tolerance and sensitivity to medical-grade products and procedures.
  • Designing and implementing a specialized treatment protocol for you, your skin type, and your specific issues.
  • Developing an at-home skincare regimen for both the short term (post-treatment period) and the long term (your skincare routine moving forward).
  • Schedule any follow-up appointments and additional sessions, as needed.

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Patients should be aware, that our prices may vary slightly depending upon the severity the patients issues, as well as the type.

Product Purchase

When you choose to take part in the Skin Center Acne Treatment Program, you are taking part in the most effective and thorough, acne treatment program in the city. A program that will not only open your eyes to proper skincare but introduce you to a variety of different procedures and products. Patients should expect that as a part of their acne treatment experience, they will have to purchase products associated with the recommended course of treatment as these products are essential to the program.

With You Every Step of the Way!

At the Skin Center NY, our Acne Treatment Program offers patients with the most high-level, comprehensive acne treatment available in NYC. We not only identify, diagnose and treat each and every one of your acne issues, but we also provide you with an in-depth education on how to care and maintain your skin in order to prevent future breakouts from forming! This education includes learning about your specific skin type, what can trigger breakouts, what its sensitive to, what products & procedures work best for you and much more!

In addition, one of the most important aspects of the Acne Treatment Program is that our skincare experts will guide you through each and every step of the process – months after your initial treatment! We will schedule important follow-up visits to view your progress, additional treatments and sessions to tackle the more severe acne symptoms and offer you one-on-one advice and guidance for all your questions, comments, and concerns!

The Most Comprehensive Acne Treatment Plan – Customized to Match Your Needs!

Its important to realize that acne issues are difficult to take on alone, and because each and every patient is different, it is important that to have a customized treatment and skincare regimen designed to meet your specific skincare needs. With the expert team at the Skin Center NY, you will be on the fast track to the clean, clear skin you’ve always wanted – contact us today to get started or find out more!

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Our Clients Say

Amazing facial! This is by far the BEST facial treatment in all of NYC. The staff was personable and customized the skin care routine to my skin type. There was a “little bit of everything” from hydration, extractions, cleansing to even the hydaworks machine. I was so relaxed and afterwards my face was glowing. I think I found my forever home for all of my skin care needs. PS -Ask for Cornelia she is so sweet and works her magic!

Review 1

Cornelia was great! Very relaxing facial. There is only one treatment room, so you wait outside before your appointment. The room felt clean, peaceful, and private. She asked me what I wanted out of the facial, walked me through what she was going to do, and then let me enjoy and relax in quiet during the facial. At the end of the treatment she gave me some tips for my skin and said she would be happy to recommend some products they sell, but was not pushy at all about selling things to me, which is always appreciated!

Review 2

Cornelia is Amazing! She is very thorough with her extractions and I appreciate customization based on my skin type and concerns that I had with acne. So far I see big difference! My skin is Glowing!!! Definitely booking again with Acne Treatment Center! You guys are amazing

Review 3

I have been coming to Acne Treatment Center for over 4 years! Well Cornelia saved my skin from acne, i was extremely insecure about my dark spots. But with constant visits and the care of her my dark spots have lightened tremendously. Cornelia is so patient and listens to all the problems i had and treated it accordingly. Lastly, the price point!!! They are extremely affordable especially being located in the city. I love this place, affordable, relaxing and extremely caring. What more could i ask for !!! Thank you for everything

Review 4

My whole life I been struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation. I went to doctors and dermatologists and no one has been able to transform my skin in the way that the Acne Treatment Center has been able to help me. You have to have discipline and really follow the advice of the esthetician’s to see an amazing difference and difference in my skin.

Review 5


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