What is Acne?

Acne is by far one of the most common skin issues suffered by both men and women. Despite its occurrence in men and women of all ages, it is far more common and will first occur during the teenage years. Acne will present itself as small to large, often red bumps, and pimples along both the face and body – occurring most frequently along the cheeks, forehead, shoulders, back, and even on the buttocks.

Acne isn’t a dangerous health concern, however it may cause patients to become quite self-conscious, and lack confidence in themselves – especially during the formative, teenage years. While occasional acne is extremely common, and will likely be resolved on its own, more moderate to severe cases of cystic acne and acne scarring will require medical attention and to be inspected by a qualified acne treatment expert – otherwise it can result in permanent damage when left untreated.

Symptoms of Acne

Common Symptoms of Acne and Acne Prone Skin are:

  • Whiteheads (closed plugged pores) – Acne lesions caused by skin cells and oil build-up.
  • Blackheads (open plugged pores) – The build-up of dirt and oil (sebum) under the skin within the pore. Turns black due to oxidation.
  • Papules – Small red, tender bumps – Inflamed comedones, forming a small pink or red bump. Tender, and extra sensitive, common in more severe acne cases.
  • Pimples or Pustules – Papules with pus at their tips, similar to whiteheads in appearance – often lead to scarring.
  • Nodules – Large,solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin. Caused by severe infections.
  • Cysts or Cystic Acne – Painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin (cystic lesions). Look similar to boils, a result of severe acne.

For more information on acne and treatment methods, be sure to checkout our acne treatment program page!


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Amazing facial! This is by far the BEST facial treatment in all of NYC. The staff was personable and customized the skin care routine to my skin type. There was a “little bit of everything” from hydration, extractions, cleansing to even the hydaworks machine. I was so relaxed and afterwards my face was glowing. I think I found my forever home for all of my skin care needs. PS -Ask for Cornelia she is so sweet and works her magic!

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Cornelia was great! Very relaxing facial. There is only one treatment room, so you wait outside before your appointment. The room felt clean, peaceful, and private. She asked me what I wanted out of the facial, walked me through what she was going to do, and then let me enjoy and relax in quiet during the facial. At the end of the treatment she gave me some tips for my skin and said she would be happy to recommend some products they sell, but was not pushy at all about selling things to me, which is always appreciated!

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Cornelia is Amazing! She is very thorough with her extractions and I appreciate customization based on my skin type and concerns that I had with acne. So far I see big difference! My skin is Glowing!!! Definitely booking again with Acne Treatment Center! You guys are amazing

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I have been coming to Acne Treatment Center for over 4 years! Well Cornelia saved my skin from acne, i was extremely insecure about my dark spots. But with constant visits and the care of her my dark spots have lightened tremendously. Cornelia is so patient and listens to all the problems i had and treated it accordingly. Lastly, the price point!!! They are extremely affordable especially being located in the city. I love this place, affordable, relaxing and extremely caring. What more could i ask for !!! Thank you for everything

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My whole life I been struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation. I went to doctors and dermatologists and no one has been able to transform my skin in the way that the Acne Treatment Center has been able to help me. You have to have discipline and really follow the advice of the esthetician’s to see an amazing difference and difference in my skin.

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