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The Skin Center Signature Facial is a treatment of a pure bliss, customized for personal skin concerns and needs. Your therapist will start with a deep cleanse and the appropriate exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and encourage better penetration of products.

What Makes a Facial ‘Advanced’?

At the Skin Center NY, we offer our clients a variety of different options for facials and treatments. Our specialized advanced facials allow us to combine the power of treatments and provide our patients with the specific skincare treatments they need! From providing overall skin cell turnover, and rejuvenation, to removing skin tags, exfoliating dead skin, treating broken capillaries, and much more – our advanced facials offer a variety of unique and important benefits. The beauty of our advanced facials is that they offer patients a higher degree of enhancement, and skincare – as they use stronger ingredients than conventional facials and treatments at other spas. Improve your skincare, no matter what your issues might be, at Skin Center.

Customized to Match Your Needs!

At the Skin Center New York, our advanced facials are formulated specifically to meet your corrective skincare, needs. Upon your initial consultation, our staff will carefully examine your skin, identifying any blemishes, discolorations, irritations, and areas for concern. Depending upon, what your needs are, and the severity of your issues, our staff will custom mix a facial solution using a specific combination of medical-grade, cleansers, serums, acids, and spa botanicals. In addition to your corrective needs, these facials are also made specifically for your type of skin. Depending upon any allergies, oil levels, and skin sensitivity, additional cooling and calming agents may be added to help soothe and relax the skin, preventing stress breakouts and reactions.
Depending upon what exactly your skin needs, the facial generally follows a general order of operation, which includes, any specific combination of:

Benefits of the Signature Facial

Specialized Facials

Considering that these advanced facials are done in a clinical skincare setting rather than a spa or salon, it allows us to use a far more effective level of treatment. These advanced facials can combine techniques that may include dermaplaning, microneedling, hyperpigmentation treatment, methods of milia, skin tag, and broken capillary removal – to help patients to achieve the clean, clear skin they’ve always wanted.

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