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The First 3 Things to Know About Acne

Whether you’re a teenager, having just gone through their most formative years of puberty, or a fully grown adult, with teenage children of your own – acne is something you should definitely be concerned about. While most of us consider acne issues to be strictly an issue for our youth, and something that we simply grow out of during our teens, the truth is that acne issues can affect everybody, no matter what age! According to the experts at Skin Center NY, the Top Acne Treatment Center In NYC, more than 75% of all the world is currently dealing with some form of acne issues. This might sound pretty staggering and relatively unbelievable, but an important thing you should know is that not all acne issues are created equal – and just because someone’s skin appears clear, doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering from acne. At Skin Center, like any other acne treatment center, they advise patients to not only treat facial acne, but body acne as well. Plus, it isn’t just the body where acne issues may be hiding, often, individuals suffering from acne issues, may simple not be breaking out at the time and their acne issues might be lying in wait, beneath the skin’s surface – just waiting for one of your acne riggers to let loose. Things like this are common knowledge to most acne experts like the team at the Skin Center, the top acne treatment center in NYC – but to most patients and everyday individuals information like this remains a mystery and always will be. And the less you know about acne issues, the more likely they are to affect you and worsen over time, reaching a point of critical severity. To better educate you, here are a few important things to know about this all too common skin concern.

· First of all, what is acne?

Acne is an extremely common anti-inflammatory skin disorder of a complex of cells, known as the pilosebaceous unit, which is made up of the hair follicle (aka the pore) and the oil gland that’s attached to it. Normally, oil just exits through your pores, but sometimes the hair and skin cells block the oil from leaving. This creates an environment for bacteria called P. acnes to grow, causing inflammation in the form of those annoying zits.

· What should you be aware of aside from just whiteheads and blackheads?

As the top acne treatment center in NYC, Skin Center treats all manner of acne issues from mild to severe issues. Common issues like whiteheads and blackheads are considered to be quite mild, are presented a s bumps on the skin, only when the pore is clogged. However, as acne inflammation worsens over time, and without proper treatment, this causes swelling, redness, and pain — and the pores can’t take it anymore, it can cause even more annoying acne lesions that range in severity. There are papules (small pink bumps on the skin), pustules (pus-filled bumps with a red base), nodules (big, painful lesions that are deeper in the skin), and cysts (deep, painful, pus-filled lesions).

· Genetics

As with a lot of other health issues, acne is something that runs in the family. The fact is that if your relatives have acne, most likely you will too. The closer the relation is to you, the better your chances are of getting acne.

The thing is that with health issues, the more research you do, the better. While acne is a huge topic, with tons of things to cover, with these 3 basics, you can expand and educate yourself further and find was to treat your specific case of acne. For more information on acne treatment, be sure to contact the Skin Center today.




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